Need to escape and explore Morocco in the company of friends or family? Want to experience activities in Marrakech? Amazing Morocco Tours plans to carry you out a wide range of fun and cultural activities throughout the Kingdom. In the vicinity of the regions of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, around the Rif massif, on the wide Mediterranean bay, to the south in Dakhla or in the center in the regions of Marrakech Safi at the foot of the Atlas, there is always something thing to do during your stay in Morocco. For your pleasure during your Morocco Trip, we have prepared a serie of options for activities from Marrakech or any other city. Hold on tight, there’s a plethora of wonderful places to see, countless activities to do, and thrilling adventures to try. All according to your desire, you will choose between cultural activities, fun activities, outdoor activities, sporting, romantic etc.


An imperial city with a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Morocco, Marrakech is a major tourist center that houses important monuments, sites, Riads and five-star hotels. Founded around a consequently fortified medieval city on which labyrinths open, the “Red City” is the starting point for almost all the Morocco excursions of those who wish to travel the desert or challenge the ascent of the slopes of the mountain range of the Atlas. With its natural charm combining authenticity, luxury and refinement, Marrakech Activities attract nearly three million tourists each year. The traditions and splendours of the old Medina, the cultural and architectural contributions give the city a specificity, a reflection of human genius in action.