Amazing Morocco Tours is a transport agency specialized in Moroccan tourism. Having become an expert in the sector, AMT responds to a pressing need to discover a country whose history, landscape, culture and climate are true marvels. Visiting a culturally vast country like the Kingdom of Morocco have never been so easy, our company is at the forefront of flourishing tourism in a country open to the outside world. Located in the north of the African continent, Morocco is beautiful, it is naturally magnificent and long bordered by the Atlantic ocean to the west and by the waves of the Mediterranean to the north.
Each year, there are more than eleven (11) millions people in the world to stay there and take advantage of interesting moments. If you have decided to be one of these enthusiasts of Morocco, you are at the right address. AMT offers a variety of exciting, romantic and insensitive activities. Everything is skillfully done for your pleasure. We offer a variety of transport services with or without guides to fully savor the delights of a unique country combining authenticity and modernity.

At the foot of the Atlas and at the gateway to the great Sahara, Morocco is an invitation to learn a mixture of Arab, Andoulouse and Berber cultures. From fashionable gastronomy, to art with a splendid landscape, it remains, according to several tourism observatories, one of the best travel experiences in Africa and the world. From their opinions that can be read in the great forums of travelers and globetrotters, there are millions of tourists to choose Morocco as a holiday destination. Of all the contrasts, this is probably a magical place to get away from it all. With a rich and varied fleet, our agency has established itself in the heart of the ocher city of Marrakech, the starting point for tours and other organized trips to escape to the country.
Our tours take you to the deserts of Merzouga or Zagora without forgetting the most famous tourist sites. From Rabat to Tangier or from Casablanca to Dakhla passing the imperial cities of Fez and Meknes we promise you unforgettable tours with all the professionalism that rhymes with our expertise.
Green landscape on a desert background, fantastic sandy beaches and romantic nights on the desert, Amazing Morocco Tours adapts your needs to any circumstance. We personalize our excursions and guarantee tourism expertise from our eighteen years of existence in the sector.